Vintage Tree Nursery History

The Vintage Tree Nursery  has enjoyed supplying  trees since 1994.

During this time we have been developing an advanced tree nursery growing on selected lines in Rocket Pot and Spring Ring root control containers.

We believe that embracing this technology is the way of the future and therefore we are continuing to expand and focus on this side of the business. The Vintage Tree Nursery is committed to supplying high quality trees and are continiously developing our methods.

Our Oaks are propagated in .85 litre spring rings and specially designed bags. These have been well received and we are enjoying supplying other growers with these trees.

At The Vintage Tree Nursery we are extremely quality conscious trees are grown under strict quality control guidelines and we source only the best genetic material available. Our trees are pruned carefully to shape and managed to be free of pests and disease.

As many of our trees are grown under contract this offers significant benefits to both our customers and ourselves, we encourage customers to discuss their future needs with us. This relationship with customers ensures that all customers requirements are fulfilled and we can continue to develop our resources for future expansion.