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Recent press release from the Weekend Australian, written by Hool Kerr Forsyth. A excellent article depicting the importance of sound tree selection when planning a new garden.
Followed is an extract from the article

The Weekend Australian, March 17-18, 2001

In search of safe arbors

......Mirams believes trees are the first element that should be considered in garden-making “if the trees are wrong, planted too closely or too close to buildings, or are the wrong choice for, say a street tree, the results can be disasterous,” she says. In a new garden she recommends a few established trees for instant shade in summer. “Lawns and trees are a great way to start if you have a young family and not much time to put into gardening”. Mirams travels throughout NSW and Victoria in particular, advising on the choice of trees for a particular site.

Visitors to her nursery can see for themselves the trees and their habits: April is the month to select autumn colouring trees. The Vintage Tree Nursery specialises in Oaks (Quercus species) with some 26 varieties on display, suitable for all sorts of climates. There are 42 varieties of crab-apple, (Malus spp) popular for their different fruits, growing: most are suitable for small gardens......

Holly Kerr Forsyth